Alzheimer’s disease and PrecivityAD2™ blood test

The PrecivityAD2™ blood test aids in the early detection of Alzheimer’s disease by measuring specific biomarkers, offering a non-invasive way to assess the risk and presence of the condition.

What is the PrecivityAD2™ blood test?

PrecivityAD2™ is a blood test designed for individuals aged 55 and older exhibiting signs of mild cognitive impairment, aiding in the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. The outcomes of the PrecivityAD2™ test, used alongside other diagnostic tools, assist your GP or specialist in confirming the diagnosis and formulating a treatment plan for Alzheimer’s disease.

The test involves a straightforward blood collection process. PrecivityAD2™ testing is only available at selected collection centres, for locations, please see the list below.

While no test can diagnose Alzheimer’s disease with absolute certainty, PrecivityAD2™ offers a less time consuming, more accessible, and minimally invasive alternative to traditional methods like amyloid PET scans and Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) testing.

How to access this test?

Step 1

Pathology Referral

To qualify for the test, you will need a pathology referral for the PrecivityAD2™ blood test from your specialist or GP.

Step 2

Visit one of our collection centres

PrecivityAD2™ testing is only available at selected collection centres (use the special tests filter in the navigation bar). Blood collections for PrecivityAD2™ are only conducted Monday to Wednesday.

Step 3


The PrecivityAD2™ test is not currently covered by Medicare and a payment of $1495* is required at time of collection.Before we proceed with the collection patients will be required to read and sign our terms and patient consent document.

Prices correct at time of print and are subject to change*

Step 4


Your blood sample is sent to C2N’s laboratory for analysis.Your specialist or GP will then receive the test results in approx. 4 weeks from the blood collection date.

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