Dr DeVoss graduated from The University of Queensland in 1973 before training in chemical pathology at Royal Brisbane Hospital where he went on to become Resident Medical Officer then a Registrar.

After a period working in central Queensland, Dr DeVoss joined QML Pathology located in Moreton Bay Region. He later relocated to the central laboratory in Brisbane and became Pathologist in Charge of Biochemistry.

Over the years Dr DeVoss has acted in the role of Visiting Pathologist, supervising the operation of the Gladstone (1985-1993) and Darwin (1993-1996) Laboratories. Dr DeVoss is currently the Chemical Pathologist in Charge of the Radio Isotopes/Endocrinology Department – measuring hormones and tumour markers and undertaking antenatal Downs Syndrome risk assessment.

His special interests include fertility, thyroid disease, graphical reporting systems, 3D modelling of populations and disease, and automation systems.




Chemical Pathology

Special interests

  • Fertility
  • Thyroid disease
  • Graphical reporting systems
  • 3D modelling of populations and disease
  • Automation systems