Dr Duncan Carradice is a laboratory and clinic haematologist. He obtained his medical degree In New Zealand and trained in Haematology initially in Christchurch, New Zealand. He then moved to Australia where he finished his Haematology training at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, subsequently completing a PhD at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute in molecular genetics.

Dr Carradice works as a consultant Haematologist at Western Health, where his achievements to date include:lead involvement in setting up a satellite Haematology and chemotherapy service (Sunbury Day Hospital) active involvement in a rapidly expanding clinical trials program establishing a Haematology tumour stream MDM (multi-disciplinary meeting) facilitating an advanced trainee position in Haematology at Western Health.

As a laboratory Haematologist, Dr Carradice is able to utilise his expertise in the accurate diagnosis of all haematological disorders, routinely reviewing the blood films, bone marrow biopsies and lymph node biopsies of his patients.

He is currently developing a rapid assessment service for patients with lymphadenopathy (or other symptoms suggestive of lymphoma) with same-day lymph node fine needle aspiration (FNA) to enable rapid and efficient triaging of patients for further investigation and treatment.

Dr Carradice has an interest in eHealth, in addition to running TeleHealth consultations successfully for many years.His clinical interests are in lymphoma and myeloma. He is a member of the ALLG low grade lymphoma/CLL disease group.





Special interests