Warfarin Management for Health Professionals

Introducing the QML Pathology Warfarin Care Clinic.

Let us take the hassle out of Warfarin dosing for you. Not only does QML Pathology provide exceptional testing services but we can also support referring doctors with the monitoring and management of patients undergoing warfarin therapy.

Let our team of specialist pathologists, medical practitioners and health professionals make the warfarin management process more convenient for you.

Our services include

  • Contacting the patient regarding their dose in a timely manner
  • Following up abnormal results with the patient and the doctor
  • Reminders should patients be overdue for a blood test
  • Educational and informational material for the patient to assist with their warfarin therapy
  • Liaising with hospital* (post-discharge),nursing home and pharmacy staff in warfarin management.

*When made aware of patient hospital admissions.

Registering a patient

Please note: illegible handwritten requests cannot be processed until all information is clarified, this will delay the registration process. In order to reduce transcription errors and our mutual medico-legal liability, please submit typed requests where possible. The above form has editable fields to assist you.
We advise that warfarin dosing responsibility remains that of the treating LMO until a warfarin registration is accepted by QML Pathology.

Patient ceasing warfarin

Click here to cease a Warfarin Patient

Post Discharge Information Update Request

Click here to download a Post Discharge Information Update Request. 
Alternatively you can contact the Warfarin Care Clinic directly on 1300 795 355
(Monday - Friday, 8.00am - 5.00pm).